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Nikitin and Šrámek Presenting the International Novelty We Salute the Night

A jazz recording that can stand up to the strictest criteria. The musical duo of authors Nikolaj Nikitin / Ľuboš Šrámek is coming with their novelty entitled We Salute the Night. And yet again they managed to shift the quality of their projects to the next level. The album was made with an elite line up, being even recorded in New York and in the Prague-based Sono studio. The Bratislava’s Real Music House publishing house is releasing one of the hottest candidates for the Slovak jazz recording of the year.


Three top-notch trumpet players took part at the recording: Tom Harrell, Kornél Fekete-Kovács, but also Juraj Bartoš, bandleader of the famous big band Bratislava Hot Serenaders. The drums were alternately played by the Austrian Klemens Marktl and by one of the most respected drummers of his generation in the United States, Jonathan Blake. The rhythmic section of the recording was complemented by the double-bass player of Serbian-Austrian origin Nenad Vasilić and the American Drew Gress. “A truly international line-up got together here. The represented countries included the USA, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Serbia and for production even the Czech Republic. We invited the best European and world players and we localized the studios accordingly. In NYC, we traditionally recorded at The Samurai Hotel Studio. In Prague, we chose the SONO records studio for the conditions, the environment, but also the concerts we had in the Czech Republic at that time,” adds Nikolaj Nikitin regarding the international nature of the latest release.


Together with Ľuboš Šrámek they decided to continue in the Altar concept. The album We Salute the Night is therefore released under the Altar Double Quintet brand. “We use Altar as a brand because already with our first album we decided that we as a duo would be co-creating our music altar, on which we would devote the compositions to our musical role models and our loved ones. It is a spiritual and also a secular altar. You will find a chorale by J.S. Bach there, but also a dedication to our friend Kunzo. We dedicated the first and the second album to our children. Altar is the Nikitin + Šrámek music brand and it is associated with our work we do without any compromises and coming from our deepest interior,” Nikitin explains the concept of Altar.


On the CD We Salute the Night, the listeners will find eight new songs performed by top international jazz musicians. And how would the co-author of the project and saxophonist and composer Nikolaj Nikitin himself describe the latest recording? “I think that this is so far the biggest and most concentrated action we have ventured out on. Our latest release is unique also because of the shift in Ľuboš’s work that came as a result of a very turbulent period he went through. It is new in terms of the sound because it was created in the world's best studios and underwent a really precise and focused postproduction at the Real Music House studio. It is new in terms of the story and freedom, or spontaneity that we left up to the individual performers.” The Altar Double Quintet album: We Salute the Night is released by the Real Music House publishing house.




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